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May 2017- "The 1:1 lessons have brought the fun back into art and Begw is thoroughly enjoying the experience of specialist tutoring and the VIP experience.
I can see her confidence notably improving weekly as well as her enjoyment of the subject. Very glad we opted for 1:1 as she`s in the middle of her GCSE and doesn`t find it "boring" anymore !
Many thanks Jane x " Eleri Burns (Parent)

April 2017- "Jane is a fantastic teacher and has motivated my daughter Cara to learn new art skills and techniques in a short space of time.If you want to see your child thrive very quickly in their artistic skills - book a class with Jane." Eirian Wynne - (Parent)

April 2017- "I've been going to Jane's classes for a while now! I look forward to going every Monday. She's is an amazing teacher. I've learnt so much from her and she's helped me so much with my art work. Couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Jane. Xx Lisa Jones (Student)


"Jane has so much empathy with the age group she works with. She enables them to develop their individual styles. She seems to teach by absorbtion. They just relate to her so well". Mandy Abrams (Parent).

"Well there is only one word to describe Jane's art classes! It is FANTASTIC! I have been going to her classes for years now and I always look forward going every week! Jane is one of those teachers that never shouts or tells you off, she is the kindest teacher in the world. If you had a problem or you feel you need to work on something you can always ask Jane she would sort it out straight away.
We learn load's of different things every week, and she even helps you with your homework. She gives us challenges and topics every week so she can see what our level is in art.
When she knows our level she gives us work (fun work) that suits our ability. Every year being with Jane I have improved incredibly with my art work...!" Rhianna Mon Parry (Student).
age 11.

"Going to Jane is the highlight of my week.
Everything's possible at Jane's studio". Miriam Age 10 (Student).

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