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Recommendation by Kim Jones

November 2020-

During lockdown Jane’s art classes were marvelous, an oasis of calm! I found being able to express myself through a new medium liberating and exciting. Jane’s teaching technique is so relaxed and the studio environment feels safe, so important at the moment, that my weekly class has become a highlight of my week.
I am so glad I decided I wasn’t too old to try something new, Jane has encouraged me to find my own style, and it’s always fun!
Kim November 2020

Childrens & Parents Comments:

July 2019- My granddaughter age 15yrs recently joined Jane's art classes. She loved the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the studio and was soon made to feel at home. She has learned many tips and techniques that has improved her art greatly. She has grown in confidence and her art is flourishing. Highly recommend this studio. Marian Fraser (Grandparent).

July 2019- Testimonial:
My daughter has been having art lessons with Jane for a few years now. She thoroughly enjoys her time with Jane. Jane has such a calming influence and my daughters art has progressed so much with Jane. She has learnt different techniques and that it’s ok not to finish a piece in one sitting. Jane let’s pupils do whatever project they want, whilst guiding them through it, with astonishing results! Claire Owen (Parent).

July 2019- I enjoy going to art because I have learnt new art skills and Jane helps me to improve my art, and she is very kind. I have experimented with new mediums and I always look forward to going. Nicola Wheatcroft (Student) age 12yrs.

Jane July 2019- Jane gives constructive advice in all aspects of my art work while at the same time gives me enough space and flexibility for me to work on my art independently in the class. My confidence has grown through the years of being with Jane.
Cara Jones (Student) age 16yrs.

July 2019- My daughter Cerys age 15yrs has been going to Jane for a while now. I thought she was good before the lessons ( biased mum!) But Jane has really encouraged and helped her grow her art. Cerys looks forwards to the lessons, and enjoys expanding on what she's done in class. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone of any age or ability, thanks Jane xx Melanie Shingler (Parent).

Gorffenaf 2019- Mae Sara 14oed yn cael modd i fyw yn mynychu y sesiynau celf. Mae hi cael ei hannog i ddatblygu fel arlunydd dan law Jane ac yn wirioneddol mwynhau y profiad yma. Oherwydd bod Jane yn berson hawddgar a chanddi’r brwdfrydedd i weithio gyda pobl ifanc mae Sara yn edrych ymlaen at bob nos Lun. July 2019- (Sara age 14yrs enjoys the art sessions every Monday. Jane encourages her development as an artist and this she really enjoys. Because Jane is such a personable person and has so much enthusiasm for working with young people Sara looks forward to every Monday evening) Margaret Shingler (Grandparent).

July 2019- This is a review from Ceri and her Mums experience over the last 2 years+...
“Ceri has benefited so much from Jane's teaching technique, in the way Ceri now uses different styles of art and is not as focused on one style of drawing-she is more confident to express herself, be an individual and use art to relax or inspire her mood ,but more so in her background knowledge and the technical questions she can ask Jane that you can not find in books or on the internet leading her to explore how to enjoy art in any form. Jane has and will continue to be a mentor and a role model in her life and l / we are very grateful for her input during what can be difficult times between 15-17+yrs of age and decisions to make about the future and career choices.
Thank You”
Ceri Robinson (Student) age 17yrs & Lisa Robinson (Parent)..

May 2017- "The 1:1 lessons have brought the fun back into art and Begw (15yrs) is thoroughly enjoying the experience of specialist tutoring and the VIP experience.
I can see her confidence notably improving weekly as well as her enjoyment of the subject. Very glad we opted for 1:1 as she`s in the middle of her GCSE and doesn`t find it "boring" anymore !
Many thanks Jane x " Eleri Burns (Parent)

April 2017- "Jane is a fantastic teacher and has motivated my daughter Cara to learn new art skills and techniques in a short space of time.If you want to see your child thrive very quickly in their artistic skills - book a class with Jane." Eirian Wynne (Parent). Cara Jones (Student) age 14yrs.

April 2017- "I've been going to Jane's classes for a while now! I look forward to going every Monday. She's is an amazing teacher. I've learnt so much from her and she's helped me so much with my art work. Couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Jane. Xx Lisa Jones (Student) Age 11yrs.


2010-"Jane has so much empathy with the age group she works with. She enables them to develop their individual styles. She seems to teach by absorbtion. They just relate to her so well". Mandy Abrams (Parent).

2010-"Well there is only one word to describe Jane's art classes! It is FANTASTIC! I have been going to her classes for years now and I always look forward going every week! Jane is one of those teachers that never shouts or tells you off, she is the kindest teacher in the world. If you had a problem or you feel you need to work on something you can always ask Jane she would sort it out straight away.
We learn load's of different things every week, and she even helps you with your homework. She gives us challenges and topics every week so she can see what our level is in art.
When she knows our level she gives us work (fun work) that suits our ability. Every year being with Jane I have improved incredibly with my art work...!" Rhianna Mon Parry (Student).
age 11yrs.

2010-"Going to Jane is the highlight of my week.
Everything's possible at Jane's studio". Miriam (Student) age10yrs.

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